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Students who serve in the Armed Services Reserve or the National Guard are often alerted that they may be called to active duty for various reasons.

Learn What Steps You Need to Take if You Are Activated or Receive a Military Call-Up

If you are being activated for any reason please see below in regards to procedures:

  1. Contact your instructors and let them know you have received travel orders for possibly the next 10 days.  Let them know your access to email/canvas will be very limited or possibly no access.
  2. Depending on the time away, you may need to submit an absence verification to document the military orders.  You can submit one now; however, the form would be processed for only the dates listed.  The form is usually submitted once you know the ending date and once you know it is an issue for the instructor (some instructors want to see the verification to work with the student).   

    You can find the absence verification request on the Student Assistance and Support Services page.

  3. The student must provide official military orders signed and dated by a commanding officer/designee. Orders must include the name of the student as well as dates of departure and return. If the orders do not include the name of the student, our office must receive communication (email or fax) from the student's Commanding Officer verifying the student's name and validity of the orders.

If you have any questions about submitting the form, please contact the Dean of Students office at 704-687-0289 or


Withdrawl/Refund Policy for Students Called to Active Duty During Term

If any student is voluntarily or involuntarily called for active military duty during a term in which s/he is enrolled, the eligible student may elect one to:

Complete Withdrawal Option (without academic penalty)- The Office of the Registrar will drop all courses without record. Enrolled undergraduate and graduate students who are called to active duty during the semester, and who complete a military withdrawal from their course(s), shall be afforded the following special considerations (unless the student requests otherwise). Constituent institutions will: 

  1. Issue a full refund of all payments made by or on behalf of the student, and/or adjust the student’s financial aid account, as appropriate. 
  2. Issue a full refund for textbooks purchased through the university bookstore for the semester in progress. The student being called to military service should present the textbooks, purchase receipt(s), and a copy of the applicable military orders.[4]
  3. Issue a prorated refund of room rent for a campus residence facility. This refund will be based on the student’s official check-out date.[5]
  4. Issue a prorated refund of board fees. This refund will be prorated from the opening date of the dining hall for the term during which the call to active duty occurs.  
    1. Meal plans –Those that have "meals" and "declining balance" (Plans A through E) are pro-rated and refunded to deployed students.
    2. Meal plans that are all "declining balance" (Plans F, G, and K), the remaining balance is refunded.
    3. Money deposited in 49er accounts, the remaining balance is refunded.
    4. If a student is receiving financial aid during the term in which he/she is called to active duty, financial aid must be repaid according to federal and state regulations.
  5. Allow unpaid account balances to be subject to a payment plan formulated with the student. No collection actions will occur during a deployment. 

We will also notify the Financial Aid Office.

If you have a valid parking permit, you may return it to Parking and Transportation Services for a pro-rated refund. Refer to their refund schedule for further information. 

*Please note, if you are using your Educational Benefits, VA will determine if you will have an overpayment due to the Military Call Up.